Northside Church of Christ became involved with mission work under the guidance of Ron and Betsy Learn many years ago. Ron and Betsy became involved in the Christmas Bags for Haiti mission, sending Christmas bags to Haitian orphans, who otherwise would have no Christmas.

There were several trips made to Haiti by Ron, Betsy, Pastor Frank and Lee Austin, and others from Northside to perform mission work. A few examples of work accomplished on these trips include: drilling water wells, building huts, delivering generator(s) and ministering to Haitians.

Through this ministry to Haiti, Northside Church of Christ became involved in many other missions, growing the church, sharing the love of Jesus and sharing Christs’ word with many around the world. Charlotte Learn has continued Ron’s work in missions, keeping his legacy ongoing in the church.

Noah’s Outreach Mission

In 2015 at the recommendation of Pastor Frank Austin and with the approval of the Northside Church of Christ Board, the Christmas Bag for Haiti Mission was renamed to Noah’s Outreach Mission in memory of Noah Andrew Chrisman Baker, who was called home by Jesus at the age of 7 months and 3 days.

Our guiding bible verse is Romans 8:28 – And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Our belief is, that small things done, by sharing the love of Jesus, can change the lives of individuals, families, and communities, by bringing them closer to Jesus.

Christmas Bags for Haiti – Our largest mission is providing Christmas Bags to Haitian Children. Each bag contains personal hygiene products, school supplies, a few pieces of candy and gum, as well as a small toy or personal item.  We also collect peanut butter and rice to send with the Christmas Bags.

This mission takes place in the fall.  Once packed the bags, rice and peanut butter are delivered to Cloverdale, Indiana, where they are placed on containers for shipping to Haiti.  We also collect and deliver bags packed by the Ironton City Mission in Ironton, Ohio, and the Three Crosses United Methodist Church in Butler, Ohio.

Vertical 196 – Noah’s Outreach Mission has purchased and provided cases of backpacks to Vertical 196.  The backpacks are given to the unsheltered serviced by Vertical 196.  We have also provided nonperishable food items / take away food items for distribution to the unsheltered by Vertical.

Feeding the Unsheltered / Hungry of Newark – Recently we have expanded our mission by providing nonperishable food / take away food every Saturday, to Newark’s unsheltered and hungry residents by supporting the Newark Homeless Outreach.

Crossroad Crusaders- Recently we have expanded our mission by providing assistance to Crossroad Crusaders, a mobile outreach mission whose purpose is to Glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They help those in need through serving of meals, warming stations, listening, rehab transportation, hygiene products, bibles, tents, water & drinks, and much more.

Kids in Haiti receiving their Christmas bags.

Clothes Closet

Our clothes closet offers clothing, limited household items, decorations, and a wide variety of miscellaneous items free of charge to anyone in need in our community. Our inventory is graciously donated.

Our normal hours are Saturday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

While we welcome donations, we are only accepting donations on Saturdays while the closet is open. We do ask that only items that are clean and gently used be donated. We do not have the ability to repair or clean items. We also ask that items be bagged or boxed with like items, for example please don’t mix kitchen items with clothing. Our closet is staffed entirely by volunteers who are blessed and honored to be working for our Lord and Savior. They are here to not only assist you with items items in the closet, but also available to help you with your spiritual needs, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior.

Pennies for the Licking County Homeless

The penny ministry was started about 10 years ago when one of the young kids found a penny on the floor. Who knew a penny could do so much.

The youth Sunday School Class started bringing in pennies, and it wasn’t long before there was enough money to present Pastor Frank Austin with a bag of groceries to help someone in need.

The penny ministry grew to include the youth and the adults in the congregation. With everyone’s help, we were able to provide more items to those in need. We have, over the years, purchased toothbrushes, toothpaste, hats, socks, cleaning supplies and pillows to those in need as well as cookies and puzzle books to a local nursing home during the pandemic. Currently our pennies are purchasing water and peanut butter for the homeless in Licking County.

The following are Missions we support,

Missionary Flights International

Mission Flights International was founded in 1960 by Don Beldin. At that time, Don was flying a small engine plane for Youth for Christ evangelism in the Bahamas. Don began transporting other missionaries in his plane as the needs increased. In 1964, Don incorporated Missionary Flights International ( MFI) to meet the needs of Bible-centered missions. As the need for air services increased, MFI acquired larger planes and added additional destinations.
After 42 years in West Palm Beach, MFI moved to Fort Pierce, FL in 2006. Today MFI operates out of two hangars flying turbine-powered DC-3s to meet the needs of over 450 missions to the Bahamas, Haiti, Dominican Republic and anywhere else the Lord sends them. About 300 tons of cargo and over 4,000 Christian workers are transported every year.

Mission Statement of MFI:
In partnership with Bible-centered missions by providing reliable transportation and logistical services.

Website: https://www.missionaryflights.org/

City Welfare Mission

The City Mission Church and the City Welfare Mission began on Oct. 8, 1944 in a converted saloon at 212 Lawrence St. in Ironton, Ohio. They are now located at 710 North Fifth Street in Ironton. The City Mission Church operates a full time Mission to help those who are in need in our community with the motto of “The Door of Hope to the Unfortunate”. Although they help people all year long they are best known for the free Thanksgiving Day Dinner that is given to hundreds each year and also for helping with Christmas food and toys. Every year hundreds of families are given food and over 1,000 children are given toys as well as clothing. This is made possible by the generosity of individuals, churches, schools and civic groups who share our vision of helping others. The men preach at the jail every Sunday morning as well as conducting services at 2 area rest homes every Sunday morning and another rest home on Friday night. Several times a month they conduct services at a local apartment building for its residents.

Heartbeats of Licking County

Heartbeats of Licking County located at 336 E Main St in Newark, was formed in 1969 as a “nonprofit, Christian ministry that offers emotional, physical and spiritual support to those who find themselves in the midst of an unexpected pregnancy”.

Heartbeats for Life is a life-affirming pregnancy resource medical center serving the people of our community with the love of Christ. They achieve this by:

  1. Practicing intentional unconditional love of Christ to all that come in word and deed.
  2. Offering practical help and positive alternative choices to abortion.
  3. Loving the woman well so hope rises in her and she can love her baby to life.
  4. Providing restoration groups for post-abortive women and men.
  5. Encouraging, equipping and expanding the tools to create a culture of life in our churches and community.
  6. Teaching youth about the value of their sexual integrity and the importance of committing to abstinence until marriage.
  7. Modeling and serving others in the local, state, national and international pro-life communities.
  8. Purposing to impact our service area to embrace the sacredness of human life across cultural, generational, and ethnic boundaries.


  • Provide crisis pregnancy services including confidential pregnancy tests, ultrasound services, parenting courses and material assistance through incentive-based programs.
  • Referral to social & community services.
  • Post abortion recovery. Increase public awareness and education concerning the positive aspects of adoption.
  • Make information on the choice of adoption easily accessible to birth parents trying to process a parenting decision.

Website: https://heartbeats.org/

Licking County Food Pantry

The Food Pantry Network Located at 1035 Brice St in Newark, was started in 1981 by a group of downtown churches and pantries responding to the hunger need. In 1987, the Food Pantry Network of Licking County was chartered as a 501-3 organization with the determination to ensure that no one in Licking County would suffer from hunger. Working toward this goal, the network strives daily to accomplish the mission of acquiring, storing, and distributing nutritious food to the financially deprived and otherwise needy in Licking County. The work of the Food Pantry Network is accomplished on a daily basis through the operation of food pantries, soup kitchens, emergency shelters, youth camps and after-school programs. The affiliated pantries utilize over 300 volunteers in fighting the war against hunger.

Website: https://foodpantrynetwork.net/

Licking County Jail Ministries

The Licking County Jail Ministries (LCJM) is a non-profit Christian organization serving the needs of inmates at the Licking County Justice Center in Newark, Ohio since its inception in 1986. The LCJM is led by a volunteer board of directors and guided by a full time chaplain, who is on call 24 hours a day to serve inmates and their families in the following ways: Spiritual Counseling, Crisis Intervention, Mentoring, Bible Studies, Worship Services and Release Assistance.

Website: https://jailministries.org/

Vertical 196

Vertical 196 is a part of Licking County Jail Ministries located at 196 S. 5th St. in Newark, Ohio. They provide services to the area homeless and are open 10AM – 2PM Monday through Friday. Lunch is served 11:30AM – 12:30PM.
Some of the services provided are:

  • Laundry & Shower Facilities
  • Socks, Coats and Shoes
  • Haircuts
  • Hygiene Supplies
  • Job Training Resources
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access
  • Bibles & Church Connections
  • Rides to Rehab
  • Mobile Device Charging

Website: https://vertical196.org/